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The Spiceair eau de parfum is inspired by a rainy London - a contrast between the lightness of the clouds and the warmth of the city. The mist that emerges from the city's wet sidewalks is recreated with the note of moss accord. It is combined with the charm of cinnamon oil and bergamot oil, to capture the sophistication and mystery of London.

Complementary notes: pineapple, small grain essence, ambrox, cedar essence.

Spiceair is a clean and alcohol-free fragrance. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturizing base, made from a new generation molecule, produced from organic, ethical, and responsible sugar cane, offers more sensorial qualities and nourishes your skin throughout the day.


Ingredients: aqua (water) • pentylene glycol • parfum (fragrance) • caprylyl glycol • glycerin • limonene • linalool • coumarin • cinnamyl alcohol • alpha-isomethyl ionone • eugenol • citral • cinnamal • geraniol

Spiceair comes with its sample so that you can try it at home without having to open the bottle. You can then return the perfume with complete peace of mind.

We also offer you a sample of Source1 which is both the basis of all Hermetica fragrances but also a perfume in its own right.


The spice that changes everything. Adds character, sparks curiosity. Here, oil of cinnamon from Madagascar, sustainably harvested, asserts its temperament. A woody, balmy, sweet, lively and full warmth, ready to spring forth, revealed on both the bark of the tree and the skin it was destined for.


Invisible, elusive, and yet necessary. Symbol of freedom. Of movement. Our only oxygen. A vector, a means of transport, that of a composition, as supple as an unexpected bubble bursting on the skin. Light and expressive, air comes to life, and Spiceair is there, in an instant, in the release of a breath.

Discover a new way of fragrance wearing

with Spiceair

Our unique alcohol-free formula, offer fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. A velvety scented skin !

1) Spray perfume on skin and on pulse points
2) Rub fragrance on skin and feel the molecules merge
3) Admire the scenteds himer and velvety skin
4) Give an extra pinch of citrus by layering the Source1 enhancer

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Customer Reviews

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Gianluca Mannetta
Is a Guarantee

Improving self-confidence and self-esteem

Earthy and aromatic, like a fougère

I tried this the first time when I was in London and that was in spring 2019. It was a beautiful sunny day and when I left Harvey Nichols, I had Spiceair on my skin. I spent my day walking around the city and I constantly felt the whiffs off my skin - it was the scent of earth, moss, humidity, ozonic freshness. It became a memory of London to me, just like it was inspired in the first place. Beautiful spicy perfume that has gorgeous aromatic tones that I adore. Nicely executed!

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