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Join the dance and enjoy a $30 discount voucher for your next purchase!

Join the dance and enjoy a $30 discount voucher for your next purchase!

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Beautifully made, just not for me

I wanted so badly to fall in love with one of these exquisitely crafted scents but they just aren’t for me. They are obviously high quality and made with love but my preferences are just different. For anyone that likes earthy, woody, masculine, deep scents, this is for you. I will keep experimenting with the samples, for sure, especially heading into fall. In the heat of summer, I am a sucker for a heady white floral. A white floral with a woodsy, spicy base is what I am drawn to the most. Jade888 was the closest to my jam and the Source reminded me of an Egyptian musk, also a big favourite. I think anyone looking for something surprising and unusual would really enjoy trying this collection!

Suzette Glover
Enticingly Ecclectic

There's something in the Discovery Book for just about everyone. My favorites are Jade888, Amberbee, Sandalsun and the Source1 enhancer. Check it out!

Lovely fragrances but the samples are watered down

The fragrances smelled great but they had very little longevity. I believe that they were watered down.

Reginald Stuart
Very pleased with Hermetica Book!!

This will be my Christmas gift to a few people. The collection does not include any of my favorite fragrances but it gives me the opportunity to find a new favorite!

Georgia Wilson

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