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Eau de Parfum


Rose essence • Amber • Oud

Verticaloud Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that strikes like thunder. This mystical scent uses precious materials: Rose Essence and Oud. The note of this last dark resinous wood originates from the Middle East and is revisited with sophistication. This fragrance also contains an Amber note, giving it an extra dose of amazement.

Top: Rose essence, Mandarin essence, Nutmeg essence
Heart: Cinnamon essence, Violet leaf absolute
Base: Amber, Oud, Cypriol essence, Amyris essence, Vetiver essence

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Verticaloud is a clean and alcohol-free fragrance. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturizing base, made from a new generation molecule, produced from organic, ethical, and responsible sugar cane, offers more sensorial qualities and nourishes your skin throughout the day.


Ingredients: aqua (water) • pentylene glycol • parfum (fragrance) • caprylyl glycol • glycerin • linalool • coumarin • hydroxycitronellal • citronellol • limonene • alpha-isomethyl ionone • geraniol • eugenol • cinnamal • citral • isoeugenol

Verticaloud comes with its sample so that you can try it at home without having to open the bottle. You can then return the perfume with complete peace of mind.

We also offer you a sample of Source1 which is both the basis of all Hermetica fragrances but also a perfume in its own right.


Upward. To the sky. Farther than the eye can see. Dizzying heights, an ascent that soars from the skin with a burst. The Verticaloud fragrance has a radical north face, the source of its flair, its style, imbued with a noble quality. It carries within it an escalating accord of rare ingredients, a surge of power that artfully retains a soft touch. Therein lies its secret. The south face of the fragrance is enveloping. A surprisingly opulent fullnessnestled between the crests and valleys.


The second facet of Verticaloud is tied to this rare ingredient: an exotic and precious wood that produces a warm, aromatic resin embedded in the heartwood of age-old trees. Is this rich past what gives it such depth? Bathed in a mystical aura, the oud oil is given a new force, driven by the vibrant amber molecule and rose oil that broaden its palette of expression and take the woody-amber intensity and the verticality of the fragrance to new heights. A vertiginous, vibrant whirlwind. An emotional elevator. Vertical to the self.

Discover a new way of fragrance wearing

with Verticaloud

Our unique alcohol-free formula, offer fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. A velvety scented skin !

1) Spray perfume on skin and on pulse points
2) Rub fragrance on skin and feel the molecules merge
3) Admire the scenteds himer and velvety skin
4) Give an extra pinch of citrus by layering the Source1 enhancer

Share with the world your fragrant secret!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Great scent



Tetiana Sherminska


Karen’s favourite scent

I was given a sample of this in a Goodie bag and fell in love with the scent immediately. The oud oil clings to the skin silkily like not other perfume I have ever tried. I absolutely love it; will be my signature scent from now on. The packaging is beautiful and the idea that I have planted a tree is wonderful. I loved the little tattoos - which reminds me to get one made permanently (not the same). Thank you. I wear it everyday, regardless of whether I am going out or not. I feel exotic and beautiful smelling this incredible scent. Thank you x

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your message. We are happy you enjoy the purchase:)

Kind regards,

Alda Sadiku
Amazing smell

I love vertical oud parfume, I can use it for my body and hair and it smells sooo good!!

Lionel Lopez
Realmente agradable

Para las personas que les gusta los perfume suaves pero que duran mas de ocho horas este es el ideal.

Gregory Nottingham
Thank you

My first choice was DARKOUD but I have to say VERTICALOUD has really grown on me. Very nice fragrance!

Angèle Biette
Absolument parfait!

Superbe parfum, emballage magnifique, service client impeccable, on ne peut pas rêver mieux! Merci!

Anne-Lise Dugas
Love this

I love verticaloud. I've tried a sample of almost all the Hermetica fragrances and it was my favourite. It feels bright, warm, and deep, without being too musky or too sweet. I wish it was a tiny bit longer lasting (lasts for about half the day), but on the other hand I'm glad it doesn't cling to my clothes beyond the point of reason. It's definitely an androgynous fragrance which I love.

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