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Eau de Parfum


Verticaloud Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that strikes like thunder. This mystical scent uses precious materials: Rose Essence and Oud. The note of this last dark resinous wood originates from the Middle East and is revisited with sophistication. This fragrance also contains an Amber note, giving it an extra dose of amazement.


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VERTICALOUD Eau de Parfum -
VERTICALOUD Sale price$215


Upward. To the sky. Farther than the eye can see. Dizzying heights, an ascent that soars from the skin with a burst. The Verticaloud fragrance has a radical north face, the source of its flair, its style, imbued with a noble quality. It carries within it an escalating accord of rare ingredients, a surge of power that artfully retains a soft touch. Therein lies its secret. The south face of the fragrance is enveloping. A surprisingly opulent fullnessnestled between the crests and valleys.


The second facet of Verticaloud is tied to this rare ingredient: an exotic and precious wood that produces a warm, aromatic resin embedded in the heartwood of age-old trees. Is this rich past what gives it such depth? Bathed in a mystical aura, the oud oil is given a new force, driven by the vibrant amber molecule and rose oil that broaden its palette of expression and take the woody-amber intensity and the verticality of the fragrance to new heights. A vertiginous, vibrant whirlwind. An emotional elevator. Vertical to the self.

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3. Admire the perfume's velvety touch on the skin

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Brooker
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Improvements: DELIVER THE ITEM!
Courier issues but fully resolved

I had some issues with delivery due to issues with the courier. The customer service team were super helpful and assisted in geting a new order raised asap which I have now received. Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!
The perfume itself is absolutely beautiful and I regularly get complimented. Very happy in the end :)

Never received product

How can one review something when you never received it? It's been 1 month and without product but Hermetica gladly took my money the first day. Took 4 emails until someone decided to email me back. Not very impressive if you ask me. I would give 0 stars if that was an option

Dear Shameel,
Thank you for your review and for taking time to share with us your feedback.

We are truly sorry about the delivery issue that you faced. We would like to reassure you that this problem is not common at Hermetica Paris, and does not represent our attention to details and care with which we treat each order, from the preparation to delivery stage. We deply apologize for all the inconvenience this situation caused you.

A replacement order was shipped to you after the investigation with the carrier concluded. We hope you enjoy wearing Hermetica Paris perfumes, and will continue discovering further our fragrances. We will always be happy to see you in our online store.

We wish you a wonderful day!

Kind regards,
Hermetica Paris / Customer Service

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